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Prism 9.0 [HOT]

In constructions everything happens in a location. However, everybody has their own take on locations, be it sections, building storeys, apartments, concrete pours or anything else you can imagine. Communicating these ever evolving and often overlapping locations is a hassle, but with Simplebim you can easily model your own locations and be sure that you always have exactly the location information you need. In Simplebim you can use 3D location prisms of any shape and form to add location information to objects inside these prisms. You can even have Simplebim cut objects, like walls and slabs, at prism boundaries to create separate objects for each prism. With Simplebim 9 you can now model, modify, move and copy these location prisms right inside Simplebim.

Prism 9.0


Geometrically, a prism may be said to look like a triangle. The parts of a prism include its apex and base as illustrated above in figure C. Since the sides of a prism are not parallel, rays of light entering it are usually at some angle other than parallel to the normal. 041b061a72

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